Everybody needs to relax sometimes, whether it’s five minutes of downtime during a busy work schedule, or a day to sit back and enjoy yourself. Playing games is a great way to spend time relaxing, as it’s both fun and provides rewarding feelings. 

Relaxing video games like this are abundant on the Apple app store. There are some great ones that are engaging while still providing more of a passive gaming experience. Or, some that allow you to go completely at your own pace so you can play as you wish. Below is a selection of the best of these types of iOS games to play at your leisure.

Table of Contents

    1. My Oasis

    Idle games are some of the best minimalist games for relaxing fun. My Oasis is an idle game that focuses on being calm and serene. You oversee an island of animals. You can add new animals, change the landscape, or expand it as you wish. 

    Visually the game is very pleasing, with soft colors and relaxing environments. You can also choose to have ambient music playing which is quiet and calming. Since it’s an idle game, you can play it passively and change your island up at your own pace.

    2. Animal Restaurant

    Animal Restaurant is another great idle game, however it does provide some more time-sensitive gameplay if you want something a bit more engaging. You play as the owner of a restaurant which serves animals. As you play you can unlock new customers, dishes, and decorations. 

    It’s a cute mobile game and very satisfying to play. If you enjoy restaurant-server type games a la Diner Dash, yet want something where you can go more at your own pace, Animal Restaurant is a great choice.

    3. I Love Hue

    This game has a very simple premise, which is to line up colors according to their hue. This makes for a beautiful-looking game, which also provides relaxation and a sense of accomplishment after each puzzle.

    I Love Hue also helps keep your brain sharp by training it to notice patterns and details. If you’re an artist or just visual-minded, you’ll especially enjoy this game. It looks great on the iPhone and has minimal ads, and tons of puzzles available. 

    4. Polysphere

    Polysphere is another visual-oriented mobile game where you move floating shapes to see them in different perspectives and find out what image they match together to create. There aren’t any time limits, and it’s very simple in design. 

    The images include animals, plants, fruit, and much more. Completing the puzzles is satisfying each time, and you may get sucked into trying to complete as many as you can! It’s a great game to kill some time and reset your mind. 

    5. 2048

    2048 is a classic numbers game where you combine numbers so that they eventually add up to 2048. You have to make sure that numbers don’t fill up the entire grid so that you can’t move them around anymore, or else the game will end. 

    This game is very addicting and really makes you stop and think about your moves before making them. It’s also satisfying to see the numbers adding up, and the higher they get the more accomplished you feel. It is a difficult game, though, and hard to actually get to that 2048. 

    6. Terrarium: Garden Idle

    Terrarium is a relaxing idle game that allows you to start your own virtual garden. To start, you choose a plant. As it grows, you gain a currency that allows you to add more plants, upgrade existing plants, or level up your terrarium as a whole.

    This game is very good for playing while doing other things, as you don’t need to pay constant attention or always be interacting in order to move through the game. The design is simple and easy to navigate, making it a great game to play when you need some downtime after a long day.

    7. Word Search Pro

    Word searches are a great way to focus your mind and distract yourself from life’s everyday stressors. This app provides daily word searches, as well as puzzle word search games. With these, you get a hint of the word search’s topic and have to find the words yourself, instead of having a word bank listed. There are also classic-style word searches if that’s more your style.

    Both modes are equally fun and the design of the app is clean and easy to use. Even if you’ve never tried word searches before, this app would be a great introduction and can provide you with hours of entertainment.

    8. Flow

    Flow is an engaging brain-game where you have to connect the same colored dots from across a grid without the lines crossing. It sounds simple, but as the levels progress you will have to put a good amount of thought into how to solve the puzzles. 

    The simplicity of the game is what makes it so appealing, and you can choose from varying levels of difficulty for each puzzle. 

    Relax With These iPhone Games

    The games above will provide you with hours of relaxation, no matter what kinds of games you like to play. From idle games, to word searches, to puzzles, there’s something for everyone.